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Information Engineering for Digital Twin

Through Reality Capture and 3D modeling, the visual and physical representation of an asset can be captured and presented digitally in a software to represent part of its Digital Twin DNA.  To complete the Digital Twin, static and live data of the object need to be captured, structured and contextualied as information related to the object.

To create a digital twin of an industrial plant, the following steps are required. FSD SKIES provides the following consultancy & services to:-

1. Define the scope and objectives of your digital twin project.

2. Choose the modeling and simulation tools that suit your needs

    and capabilities.

3. Develop and validate the digital twin model.

4. Integrate the digital twin with your industrial control system.

5. Monitor and maintain the digital twin.


 Systems Support for Projects and Owner Operators

Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 1.56.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 1.56.38 PM.png

With the ever-growing implementation of Digital Twin technology utilizing intelligent engineering software applications, it is vital that organizations implementing such solutions have the support for correct setup and administration of these intelligent tools. This is a  pre-requisite for the successful implementation of any intelligent engineering or engineering data management initiative for the end user to obtain on going return on the investment.

With our pool of personnel, FSD SKIES can provide support for system implementation, administration  and outsourcing.

•Application configuration & Set-Up

•Data Loading

•Administrator and User Training

•Development of User Guides and Procedures

•Specializing in intelligent engineering & design applications (2D & 3D)


In the life cycle of a facility, a multitude of engineering information is created, utilized, changed and stored in multiple applications. These information in hardcopy or in digital format is the engineering representation of the actual facility. Changes to the engineering information and the physical plant occurs periodically in the lifecycle of  a facilities. The above scenarios compounds the difficulties in the (continuous) successful implementation of an intelligent engineering and data management initiative. FSD SKIES specializes in capturing, consolidating and standardizing 1D and 2D engineering information into digital software solution as part of the Engineering Digital Twin.

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