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3D Laser Scanning   Photogrammetry   360° Videogrammetry

FSD SKIES’ Reality Capture methodology is centered around our core service of 3D Laser Scanning. Our advance  workflow is powered by Leica Geosystems’ RTC and BLK Field to Finish solution that enables us to provide the fastest, the most complete and most accurate Reality Capture service

Together with our technology partners, FSD SKIES is pioneering the use of 3D Point Cloud and 3D Mesh model as the Visual-Dimensional Digital Twin.


For creation of Visual-Dimensional Digital Twin, FSD SKIES utilizes Reality Capture technology. Reality Capture combines specialized high technology equipment and software to capture data of the physical asset or environment. The data captured is then processed and converted into 3D digital representation of the physical asset in form of high resolution Point Cloud, Reality Mesh model or 3D CAD model.

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